Starting & Managing A Club

Starting & Managing A Club

Our Mission Statement
Produce the greatest profits by creating a motivating work environment lead by professional, educated staff with the focus being on sales, customer service and member satisfaction.

Who needs Allstate Financial Group, Inc?
Many owners / operators have exercised for years and enjoy the industry but never really obtain the maximum profitability out of their investment. By implementing Allstate Financial Group, Inc you are protecting your investment. Lets face it the health club industry is getting more and more competitive on a daily basis. With over 20,000 health club in the United States the owner / operator who explores every potential possibility to increase revenue with out jeopardizing customer service makes a profit. With Allstate Financial Group, Inc you will take the guesswork out of your investment decisions.

First things First!
You have a dream of owning a health club! Now what? Let Allstate Financial Group, Inc. take control. Most mistakes in a health clubs take place in the first year of operation. The mentality of a new owner is we will make up the money we lost this year next year. Most of the time there is no next year. Once you obtain the services of Allstate Financial Group, Inc. one of our regional directors will meet with you to make a plan of attack. From that meeting we will be off to the races. Immediately our real-estate division will contact you to discuss the location that you have already found or to simply let them know what area you would like your facility in. Our operations team will spear head the creation of your business plan, setting up your equipment orders, opening up bank accounts and assist you in obtaining all appropriate permits and licenses. Our sales and marketing team will immediately get started on your pre-sale advertising campaign and setting up your pre-sale office. During this time our goal is to educate you and your staff. Included in your investment is our monthly sales seminar. Every month we teach a two-day sales and operation seminar.

Allstate Financial Group, Inc believes in employing educated dedicated fitness professionals. We will assist you in setting up recruiting campaigns and ultimately the hiring process. Once we hire the best staff available we immediately schedule for them to attend our sales and operation seminar.

Sales and Marketing
You can build a beautiful, state-of-the art health club and if you can not drive traffic to the door you are fighting an up hill battle. Your regional director will implement a monthly sales and marketing plan custom tailored to fit your facility. Everything from radio, TV, newspaper, lead boxs, billboards, flyers and much more will be part of your external advertising campaign and aggressive internal referral programs will allow you to maximize your advertising dollars. The people are coming to the door now what? Believe it or not 37% of all guests who visit a health club are never even toured. If you do not ask them to join they will go somewhere else. Our sales systems are second to none. We will teach your management team how to do a structured tour that consists of a needs analysis, benefit driven club walk through and an effective price presentation. If they have not joined yet our sales training program teaches your staff how to over come ALL objections. Remember it is our job to help them get started on a fitness program.

Day to Day Operations
Things are going great. We have picked out a great location, negotiated an amazing lease and are having a successful pre-sale. We open up your dream and this is where the work starts. Allow Allstate Financial Group, Inc to set up your policy and procedures, operation manuals and implement the systems to bring structure to your organization. Everything from schedules, employee compensation, forms, goal setting, create the monthly budget and then assist you in managing the budget. We work closely with Intrannuity the industry leader in managing the back office of your business. Intrannuity will set up all club computers, supply you with club operating software, process your payroll, set up and assist you in processing accounts payables, issue a CPA produced profit and lost statement and run your monthly accounts receivables.

Equipment Discounts and Club Design
Allstate Financial Group, Inc is considered a national account by most major equipment manufactures. Allow us to purchase your equipment and save you 15 to 25% on your equipment order. Total Fitness Systems staff has been part of the opening of over 185 facilities. We work closely with a team of experts in facility design to bring your ideas to reality.

On Going Support
Your club will be in constant communication with a designated regional director. Your regional director will communicate with you, your manager, sales staff and line staff on a daily basis via e-mail, and phone calls. They will also visit your facility on a monthly basis to do a club inspection. Our club inspection is over 120 points that makes sure that the systems that you are investing in and we know make clubs profitable are in place on a daily basis.
This is only a brief over view of the services that Allstate Financial Group, Inc offers our investors. We are currently working with NFL, NBA, and NHL players to secure their investments for after retirement. We also represent many businessmen and women who want to yield the highest possible returns on their health club investment.