Dealer Financing

As part of the full spectrum of services that Allstate offers, Financing is an extremely important component. This component is provided to further the success of your venture by having a source that not only places the request(s) that you have, but also make sure that the structure of such a request best suits your plans and future needs.

So often, owners of businesses get led down financing paths that tie their hands when future needs arise or when growth would be appropriate. Just like our billing solutions, we strive to understand your dreams and wants of your business, put together a structure that allows for the "what ifs" of being in business and positions you to focus on your business.

On an overall basis, our placement of debt/leases automatically comes with our guidance in putting together your request in a structure best for your business. However, you might be in a position of wanting to expand more aggressively or have encountered an unplanned situation that has put your company at risk. These situations, more often than not, require a more involved and in-depth plan. When this is the case, we have the ability to come in and work with you and your team to put together a solution. This includes putting together budgets/proformas that are meaningful and well supported; matching the type of financing to the need at hand; putting together a financing plan that preserves/creates liquidity; formalize a business plan for presentation and, if needed, work with you on a monthly basis to get you through the situation. We also find that a lot of owners like to utilize our group as a part of their strategic team, and retain us to be available for all planning issues.

Every situation is different and every owner's expertise or needs is different. Accordingly, we provide a completely free consultation to determine what our involvement should be and create a very reasonable fee schedule based upon the situation.

In today's competitive market, the successful clubs realize that they need to keep their equipment state of the art, keep their facility fresh and new, and do all of this while maintaining a profit. The time to talk to us for financing is before you start talking to your vendors. If done correctly our finance placement program works with the club owner to make available not only equipment financing, but wrap in tenant improvement needs that come with keeping new and competitive. Further, with your financing in place prior to talking to your vendors, your ability to negotiate is increased significantly.

Liquidity for a company to always maintain is crucial for your business success. When you utilize Allstate's billing service, we can arrange a line of credit that can be utilized for all of your short term needs. Also, funding is needed on a long term basis, we can work with your situation and our lenders to arrange for a more long term solution. Again; however, this needs to be addressed prior to you committing to other financing as this might hinder our ability to place this request. Placement of most leases is paid for by the lenders and is included in the competitive rates we put together for you. Some debt offerings and opportunities are best offered at par and accordingly we charge a very reasonable placement fee.

There are also various SBA programs that might be right for your situation. We have the experience and background in putting together these packages and the Preferred Lenders who will take on such programs.

The financing arm of Allstate is just one more reason why club owners come to rely upon us as a strategic business partner for the success of their business.