Data Entry and Storage

Data Entry and Storage

I'm worried about data entry accuracy and having a second set of eyes on my agreements

Allstate Financial Group has a fully staffed Data Entry department. Our data entry specialists are trained on how to enter all health club data, but also how to use their peripheral vision to spot when agreements aren't being filled out correctly, if data entry is not being sent consistently or if certain plans being might harm the club or owner.

I want to use e-contracts

We strongly encourage our Clients to use our easy E-Contract writer so you don't have to worry about making mistakes on agreements, missing credit card numbers or lost data ever again. Our data entry department will review and approve all of your e-contracts and they're stored electronically in your database.

I'd prefer to use paper agreements, but have run out of room to file them.

That's no problem! Send us your agreements, we will enter them accurately into the system, scan them into the database and shred them for you. By storing the agreements electronically, you're able to pull up any documents when looking at a members account.