Allstate Financial Group, Inc. offers the most competitive pricing in the Industry. We offer discounted processing rates, discounted software fees and low management fees. Not only do we help you make more money than any other major billing Company, but we offer more of a wholesale approach to software and billing to help make you more successful. Get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to do a billing service proposal, as well an analysis on your cost if you were an Allstate Client vs your current rates.

We are also one of the only Billing Companies that doesn’t keep your decline fees. When your members decline on their billing, it can have a very big effect on your success. That loss in "guaranteed" revenue can cause problems with your payment schedules and those declines can rapidly get out of control. Because it is you that gets hurts from these declines, we believe that when you are able to collect a decline or late fee, that 100% of that fee should go back to you.
In most instances, these fees end up paying more than your billing fees and can really give you a leg up in this tough economic climate. More than likely, your current billing company is keeping 100% of these fees and will not even provide you with a report on how much they make off of that each month.

We would be happy to run a complimentary custom report based on your Club's defaults to calculate how much you're losing by not keeping your decline fees.