I'm nervous that if someone outside of my club calls on delinquent accounts, they will be aggressive and harm my reputation.

Billing declines and old billing information are unfortunately a necessary evil in the Health and Fitness Industry, however, we strongly believe that a hands on, friendly approach to collecting on past due balances is necessary for member retention and your clubs reputation. When calling on past due accounts, we are always friendly and professional and always work with your members to try and get them back in the club and back on the automatic billing draft.

I like to have my own staff members call my members because they are familiar with my Club.

At Allstate, you will have designated callers who are familiar with your account, processes, any recent changes, etc. We make 100% of our own phone calls live and believe that auto dialing is an ineffective and not personal way of communicating with your important membership base.

Sometimes, a member needs more than just 90 days to get back on track. I don't want them to be sent automatically to Collections if they are willing to work with me.

We do not simply send members to collections after 90 days and 3 phone calls – we will continue to work with the member to the best of our ability by communicating via phone, email and mail until we feel our efforts are in vain.

I don't like sending members to Collections because the whole process is so much work.

Once an account has been properly worked and must be forwarded to a Collections Agency, Allstate will handle it every step of the way. We will forward the accounts to a preferred Collections Agency, post any payments that come in, settle the member's balances, etc. so that you don't have to.