Account Managers

Personalized Account Management

I would prefer to have a single point of contact so I don't have to sit in a queue every time I call my billing company.

You are a Client and we would never want you to have anything but the best service we can offer. That's why we assign all of our Clients an Account Manager who accompanies them during the conversion, training and beyond. The Account Managers are specially trained to work alongside Club Owners and are experts in our software. They are highly qualified to work with your staff and members and will always alert you if anything is going on in your club that you should know about.

I'm too busy to check in with my Account Manager every week but I'd still like to get updates.

Every Friday, your Account Manager will send you an update on progress for that week. They'll send any concerns, comments or questions, as well as some customized reports they think you should be reviewing. This is a great tool to keep on top of your staff and business without having to remember to check in. You will never go more than one week without hearing from your Account Manager.