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Allstate Financial Group, Inc. has created a diverse and talented team that has helped to expand our business nationally. With a combination of successful health club owners, creative and technology savvy professionals and health and fitness industry leaders, we have a unique formula for success.

It is our goal to help our industry succeed and to help provide tools to club owners no matter how large or small their club is. With our personalized service, 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and advanced technology, we strongly believe that any club with our guidance can be successful.

John Michael | Founder and President

John J. Michael has lived and breathed the health and fitness industry for 30 years. As a successful health club owner, Michael owned a significant number of World Gym’s in the Pacific Northwest. He also owned and rented out facilities to a number of Bally’s and other health clubs. After selling his clubs, John Michael went on to finance and lease gym equipment and help other owners negotiate their current leases and rental agreements. He decided to combine his talents into a full service billing company and partnered with CheckFree/Fiserv in 2005 to create Allstate Financial Group, Inc. that has turned into a leader in the industry for billing services. He is still hands on in the day to day operations of Allstate Financial Group, Inc. and has forged long lasting relationships with all of our Clients. 

Ron Poliseno | Vice President

Ron Poliseno left his position as a Vice President at CheckFree/Fiserv to come on board as Vice President of Allstate Financial Group, Inc. A club owner himself, he believed in the personalized attention that is given to Allstate Clients and wanted to help the business grow. With his 25 years of experience in the industry, Poliseno spends most of his time onsite with Allstate’s Clients helping them create sales and marketing plans, tightening up operations and increasing revenue streams by implementing specific programs, such as personal training.  Ron Poliseno is an invaluable asset to the Allstate team and the health and fitness industry. 

Tara Levitt | Director of New Client Development  

Tara Levitt joined Allstate in 2005 and has been an integral part of the Company’s growth since the beginning. Levitt now oversees the entire Allstate Operation but has a primary focus on building and sustaining relationships with all Allstate Clients. With her constant need for new technology, she insures that Allstate and Fiserv are always working towards creating and improving software and being more accessible to Clients. Levitt also has managed several health clubs and acts as on onsite consultant for several Clients. Her experience of the industry from a back office and a front end perspective is extremely rare and makes her a unique talent and asset to the Allstate team.

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