Billing Services for Health Clubs
Total Management Software

Allstate Financial Group, Inc. provides billing for health clubs and offers fitness center management services to gyms, fitness centers and athletic clubs across the United States. As a leading solution in health club billing services and as a health club management software provider, we strongly believe in our responsibility to provide our clients and fitness center customers with the latest capabilities and technology for their gyms.

We pride ourselves on responding to the ever changing demands of the health club / fitness center marketplace. We offer member and prospect tracking, front desk check in solutions, payroll, collection for past due accounts and much more! Our fitness club management software offers total health club management, the most convenient features and the latest technology.

Business Billing Services
We offer personalized business billing services and software solutions because we know that each and every business has needs that are unique. Our versatile billing services are available for athletic club and fitness facility management, medical billing services and billing for the legal profession and other professional business companies. Our program is perfect for industries that require monthly client management automation. Join the growing number of companies who have discovered that the outsourcing of business billing saves their valuable time and allows them to focus on more important aspects of their business.


Business Equipment Leasing

Financing Below Industry Rates
Allstate Financial Group, Inc., a leader in the financing industry, provides business equipment leasing and financing services. We offer timely solutions to help your business get the top-quality equipment that is requisite for your needs today. Business equipment leasing has the added benefit of quickly supplying your organization the necessary equipment without constricting your business cash flow.

We offer below industry lease financing rates for computer, dental, office and other commercial business equipment. In providing such products, Allstate Financial, Inc. will accommodate you with affordable business financing to suit your company's unique needs. Extensive business references are available upon request.

Allstate Financial finances business equipment for all types of businesses including the health club industry

We offer lease financing solutions on both new and used equipment according to your specific requirements. Low up front payments and deferred financing help to conserve capital for other purposes. Our most commonly financed equipment items for business equipment leasing include:
Office Furniture, Manufacturing Equipment, Gym Equipment, Medical / Dental Equipment, Office Computers, Telecommunications Systems, Computer Equipment and Software.


Take the Tour We help you with commercial credit lines for your business needs.

Commercial Credit Lines

$250,000 to Millions
We offer personalized business solutions because each and every business is unique. Many of our credit line programs include low up front rates and deferred payment options to help you get the financing that you need for your business today!